About the Founder

Megan Wessels

Megan Wessels is known throughout Chicago as a networking master and the Connector Extraordinare.  While she was President of the Chicago Chapter for the National Association of Professional Women, membership grew from 250 to over 1400.  Using Megan’s connections the Chapter raised over $18,000 for local charities, earning her the National Charity Award in 2013.  She spent 11 years in plastic manufacturing sales as the top performer and left in 2015 to launch Powerful Partners, Inc.

Through Powerful Partners, Inc, Megan creates opportunities for her powerful network to generate business through human connection.  Each month women from her network are invited to her exclusive Powerful Partners Dinner Party where she partners with women-owned businesses in the food and wine industry to create a unique experience for her guests.  With only 10 seats to fill, they often sell out in less than 24 hours.   This summer she is launching an exclusive professional organization for women entrepreneurs and leaders who are looking for a network that truly leads to personal and professional growth.