More Testimonials

“What a fun, energizing group of dynamic women! I enjoyed hearing about what makes each of you tick! It is an exciting time to be doing what we all believe in.  Thank you Megan for bringing us all together and for an amazing evening of conversations, thoughts and connections.”

~ Sunita Vira, Raw Food Centre


“I was honored to be invited to the Powerful Partners Dinner Party hosted by Megan Wessels. I was looking forward to the evening with other business women, but had no idea it would be as “powerful” of an evening as it turned out to be. I found myself admiring and learning from other business women; finding similarities in our struggles and joy in our successes. As a woman in a male dominated business world for 30 years, I have succeeded by “fitting in” and recently have found that I can be very successful by not fitting in, but by being myself and bringing my differences to the business world. I saw this same quality in the other Powerful Women that were present at Powerful Partners. We discussed and shared stores of the word of the year, Vulnerability – it was healthy and liberating to share in an intimate group and safe environment. Thank you for the opportunity to attend and I would strongly encourage other women to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.”

~ Kelly S., Whirlpool Corporation


“Megan is an extreme professional. I was honored to be an invitee at her Powerful Partners Launch Dinner. It was a wonderful night to collaborate with like minded women. I enjoyed the intimate setting that allowed true sharing. I have built relationships with amazing women, introduced by Megan and Powerful Partners.  She is a rock star!”

~ Cheryl B., Independent Business Owner